Television For Your Business

MicroNet Advertising is a key player in the television advertising arena. We produce and manage television campaigns in both general media and direct response media. Television is a ‘relationships’ business. These relationships are formed and built on mutual trust and benefit. At MicroNet, we are proud of the strategic alliances that we have developed and maintain with our media partners. We create realistic goals and strategies to facilitate placement of television advertising in both traditional short form thirty and sixty second commercial spot formats, as well as long form infomercials.

Web Development & Internet Marketing For Your Business

In today’s market place, your web presence is a major key factor to the success of your business. Whether your business is online or land based, Internet marketing is a major player to that success. MicroNet Advertising has helped many businesses through the confusing world of Internet marketing, Web development, and Search engine Optimization (SEO). MicroNets Internet Marketing department specialize in Web Development, SEO (Search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), and structuring calculated internet marketing plans through execution.

Radio Advertising For Your Business

Advertising on Radio began about 1920, and almost a century later, it still can be an important component of an advertising campaign. At MicroNet, we use radio because it is very easy to define your target audience, it is flexible in that your message can be quickly changed, and production and creative costs are extremely low and very often FREE ! Our strategy in radio includes powerful personality endorsement driven commercials , ‘foreground radio’ vs. ‘background radio’, and a huge inventory of remnant ‘last minute’ commercial time that can be purchased at savings of more than eighty percent off rate card costs.

Print & Billboard Advertising For Your Business

At MicroNet, traditional print advertising is an important part of the mix for many of our clients. Despite the explosive growth of the internet, the printed medium such as a newspapers, magazines, or trade journals is still a dominant tool for advertisers. Our expertise in this category encompasses everything from media with a broad readership base, such as a major national newspapers or magazines, to more narrowly targeted media such as local newspapers and trade journals on very specialized topics.

Welcome to MicroNet Advertising

MicroNet Advertising Inc. is a leader in the advertising, marketing, media, and internet business.  We offer you extensive knowledge and expertise in television, radio, web design, internet marketing, and print advertising.

Web Design with hosting plan, starting at $499.00

We pride ourselves on exemplary customer service and we will prove it to you every step of the way.  We will work within your budget guidelines to maximize your advertising investment, and we will provide you with an extensive list of credentials, references, and success stories.
We always guarantee our clients the lowest possible costs and we will beat any competitive advertising proposal you may be considering…  Simply fill out our online form and watch the your advertising results soar to new levels !

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to be a dominant factor in ensuring the continued success
of each of our Clients . "

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  • April 13, 2011

    Micronet Advertising & Marketing is offering Web Design, Hosting plan, and set up, for only $499.00. Call us today!
    Custom quotes please contact us.

  • March 09, 2011

    Micronet Advertising & Marketing starts production of Long Island Create a strategic marketing gameplan to head off an ongoing campaign for advertisers.

  • March 01, 2011

    Total back belt video shoot complete. Website for the product launched Commercial to aired nationwide by the end of March, 2011.

MicroNet Services

Business Advertising Solutions:

As your expert in Business Advertising, we can show you how to maximize your advertising dollars to reach more customers in more ways.MicroNet Solutions can help you connect with new customers through demographic and geographic targeting, or engage existing customers for repeat business.

Television, Radio, and Print Advertising:

MicroNet is an indusrty pioneer and leader in television,
internet, digital marketing, radio, and traditional print
advertising. We work with a diversified range of clients
including corporate, retail, technology, product introduction
and branding, merging different media to accomplish their
advertising and marketing goals.






Web Development, Internet Marketing, & SEO:
Website design and development is more than just graphics and layouts appealing to the eye. It’s about usability, scrutinizing web analytics data, integrating search engine optimization best practices, implementing the right content management system, clear call-to-actions, compelling content, messaging, and results.

Marketing Analysis and Strategies:
Many search engine optimization firms or consultants claim to guarantee rankings, do not explain the process, and avoid accountability. Sustainable, successful SEO commands a delicate balance of strategic insight, proper utilization of cutting-edge technology for tracking and measurement with flawless tactical execution.

Integrity, Structure, and Confidentiallity:
In todays web market, there are to many companies that dont do the right thing. MicroNet prides itself on client confidentiality. We respect your privacy and loyalty.

Creative Concepts, Branding, and Corporate Identity:
Creating Brands to Corporate imaging. Creative design services that look deep within your look, feel, and above all your business personality.